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Based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada

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September 1, 2008


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Inline is an atmospheric, relaxing and minimalist experience reminiscent of classic puzzle games. Arrange the shapes you are given on a grid to form and clear as many lines as possible in this simple yet challenging game.


Detailed Game Description

In Inline, your goal is to arrange random shapes on a grid so that they form unbroken lines, which are then cleared. The more lines you clear, the harder the game becomes as shapes get increasingly large and difficult to position right. You can skip a few shapes every now and then; the more shapes you place and the more lines you make, the more you can skip in return. Completing multiple lines with a single shape or with consecutive moves grant bonus points and recharge your skips faster, which rewards planning over mindless actions.

About Light Bringer Games

Light Bringer Games has long been a one-man studio run by Jean-Marie Prevost. As projects got bigger, the studio got more help from freelancers for art, sounds and online content. Most notable are Daniel Gofman, the "web guy" and general helper since Learn to Fly 2, and Gabriel Prévost, who was an artist on Learn to Fly 2, Learn to Fly 3 and Learn to Fly Idle. Daniel and Jean-Marie are currently the 2 members of the studio.

From Flash to Unity

Light Bringer Games has a long history of making Flash game, but with the market shrinking and changing over the last few years, there's been a lot of pressure to move on. Learn to Fly 3 was ported to Adobe Air for a Steam release as a F2P title and was well received. This started the move away from Adobe Flash, and many tools were given a try, namely HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk, OpenFL, Construct2, Monkey X, Stencyl, libGDX, JS + HTML5, GameMaker: Studio and LÖVE. Inline was finally developed using Unity.

Inline's Development Setbacks

Inline is the first official team project at Light Bringer Games, developed by Daniel Gofman and Jean-Marie Prevost. Working as a team for the first time brought it's share of complications, especially when it came to coding. One major mistake done with the project was the change of scope from a small experiment to a full-fledged game; since it was first built as a prototype, a lot of modifications and costly refactorings had to be done the make the codebase maintainable. The project was further delayed when Jean-Marie had to take a break from development in early Januray 2018 due to burnout caused by crunching on Inline while being a stay at home dad. The game was finally completed early May to be release on June 1st 2018.

Inline's Design Goals

Being new to Unity, the studio was looking for a short project to build some experience with. Out of 70 potential concepts, Inline was selected for its small scope while being able to reach a large audience with its simple mechanics inspired from classics such as Tetris. The entire project was built with both the intention of being a solid learning experience while still ending up with a quality product. Many tools and assets were tried and rejected, and this made management messier than it could have been. We were chasing two rabbits and caught both, but it certainly came at a price in effort and resources.

What comes next

They will be allowing ourselves a break from development for a short period of time, most likely followed by a bit of exploration and prototyping before moving on to the next project. Next in line will most likely be remakes of Learn to Fly 1 and 2 for Steam. With the slow death of browser games, fans have been asking the studio for new ways to play the originals, and the games are showing their age and could definitely use a few improvements.

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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (51MB)
Gameplay - Combo.png
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Easter Egg - Superhot.png
Gameplay - Colored Shapes 2.png
Gameplay - Colored Shapes 1.png
Gameplay - Pixel Art 1.png
Gameplay - Very Large Grid.png
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Gameplay - Large Grid.png
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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Jean-Marie Prevost (Light_Bringer777)
    Design, Code, Art, Management

    Daniel Gofman
    Design, Code

    Gustavo Coutinho
    Sound, Freelancer

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